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Results of Crimean Soda Plant Activities for 2016
According to information supplied by Crimean Soda Plant Company total volume of Grade B soda ash made 578 500 t. Its output has been increased for 10% compared to 2015. Grade A soda ash output increased for 16% and made 387 600 t. Output increase is caused by sales markets growth. Forecast for 2017 is 669 000 t Grade B soda (16%), including 399 000 t Grade A soda ash (3% increase by 2016).
From mid December 2016 till mid January 2017 the plant was not utilized at its full soda ash capacity due to external circumstances, i.e. natural gas supply. According to experts’ opinion this can impact manufacturing plans for 2017.
In 2016 sodium bicarbonate (food soda) output increased for 26% up to 25150 t. Sodium chloride (food salt) output remained at its 2015 level, i.e. 22640 t. Forecast on food soda for this year is 29 000 t (increase for 16% by 2016) and 26 500 for food salt (17%).
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