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Operating data of Crimea Soda Ash Plant Company for June 2014

According to the information supplied by Crimea Soda Ash Plant Company basic units produced 52 700 t of Grade B soda ash  (103% of the plan), including 39 300 t of Grade A (115,6% of the plan) and 2 110 t of food soda (96%), 1 542 t of sodium bicarbonate (154,2%) in June. This was achieved with substantial saving of many types of raw materials and power resources, for example of recycled 
and process water, ammonia, ammonium sulfide, sodium hydrosulfide, anthracite, limestone and steam. The plant has produced 257 500 t of Grade B soda ash, including 181 400 t of Grade A and 12 300 t of food soda, 7 394 t of sodium bicarbonate. 





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